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Experience yoga and barre at its best. Yoga Den offers yoga for all, including family, youth and seniors. Come browse our boutique for all of your yoga needs.

Meet Our Instructors:

Jaclyn Vanderhoof : Instructor / Owner

Jaclyn Vanderhoof

Instructor / Owner

Originally from Greensboro, NC- Jaclyn found her love for yoga once moving to Charleston in 2010. Pregnant, Jaclyn found that yoga and pilates helped give her energy and time to quiet her mind. In 2014 Jaclyn and her Husband decided to open Yoga Den with a vision of having Yoga for all. Jaclyn is very passionate about giving back to the community through the donation classes offered at Yoga Den.

Caitlin West : Instructor

Caitlin West


I walked into my first Yoga class in Greenville, SC in 2005 and it was love at first Down Dog! I
went from fumbling my way through flow classes at the local gym to seeking out a dedicated
studio where I learned that Yoga is a whole lot more than the physical postures.
In 2008, I completed my first 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Holy Cow Yoga Center, which
led to thousands of hours teaching over the last 12 years.

Always up for learning new and better ways to serve my students, I now hold certifications in
Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Personal Training, Weight Management, and Behavior Change, as
well as being an E-RYT 500 and a registered Continuing Education Provider for other yoga

In 2016, I opened a completely donation-based yoga studio in the Upstate and in 2017, I
developed a 200 hour yoga teacher training program, which is now registered with Yoga
Alliance and has run every fall since its inception.

I absolutely love helping people find strength they didn’t know was within them. In class, I tend
to focus on how we can take what we are doing on the mat out into the real world and apply it.

Anne Marie Clifford : Instructor

Anne Marie Clifford


Anne Marie Clifford is a Charleston-area native and career educator with a passion for sharing the benefits of yoga with her community. After attending the Yoga Festival in Asheville in 2017, she was inspired to pursue the 200-hour instructor certification, which she completed in March of 2018. A life-long learner, she has already begun to earn her 500-hour certification. With a dedication to promoting the holistic advantages of yoga, she is happy to be practicing and teaching at the Yoga Den.

Autumn Laurito : Instructor

Autumn Laurito


Taking interest in health and fitness as a teenager, Autumn attended her first yoga classes in 2010 at a local YMCA. She practiced on and off for several years at gyms and through videos at home. It was not until 2015, while she faced a particularly emotional and stressful time in her life, that she became more serious about her yoga practice. Yoga quickly became a solace for Autumn. It taught her to move gracefully through the ebs and flows of life. She decided to deepen her practice in 2018 by enrolling in One Love’s yoga teacher training program in Kent, Ohio. Today, her goal as an instructor is to serve students by guiding them to find their own creativity, expressions, and safe place through yoga. She enjoys a wide variety of classes from a powerful Vinyasa flow to a calming Restorative. She hopes to find continuous growth and gratitude through her personal practice and through teaching. In addition to instructing yoga, Autumn works as a Registered Dietitian. She spends her free time outdoors, reading, and with her husband and their Australian Shepard, Oakley.


Emily Frazier : Instructor

Emily Frazier


Emily relocated to Summerville, SC summer of 2019 from Scottsdale, AZ. She is a married mother of 5. Her careers include training reining horses alongside her husband, vet-tech and vendor coordinator for the Arizona Quarter Horse Association.⁣⁣
Emily’s journey to the mat began in 2017 when her husband’s job moved them back to Arizona from Texas. Their youngest daughter was 8 months old at the time. She was feeling overwhelmed, tired and was trying to rebuild her community. It was during this time she went to a barre class for the first time after a friend asked her to join her. “ I remember feeling nervous and felt like everyone was staring at me. I didn’t know the moves, I was uncoordinated and all over the place. But when the lights dimmed and the music started pumping every worry, negative thought and emotion just flew out of my body. From that moment on I knew I had found my calling.”⁣⁣
Since that day in 2017, Emily has pursed her career in the fitness industry. She became a certified Barre above instructor in October 2018 and hasn’t looked back. She now holds many certifications including her AFAA group fitness certification. Emily had the pleasure of working with Scottsdale Arizona’s Figure Skating program athletes last summer at the Coyote’s Ice Den. Where she taught barre classes to the young up and coming athletes to help them build their strength, core stability and balance. “ It was such an amazing experience to work with theses incredibly talented students.”⁣⁣

Emily recently began her journey into the world of yoga and is continuing her education to include 200 hr yoga instructor.

Dawn : Instructor



Dawn first experienced yoga class in Japan in 2013. It didn't take long for her to realize how amazing yoga influenced her life. She received 200 hours of training in Japan and became certified in 2014, and has been teaching ever since. She believes that the sole purpose of Yoga is striving to improve oneself through practice to better ones mind and body. She had the great opportunity to practice with Kino Margeror and Tim Feldmann in the Ashtanta yoga tradition. Some of her hobbies outside of yoga include music, singing, and archery.

Trevor Gibbs :

Trevor Gibbs

Trevor was first exposed to yoga in high school as merely a way to strengthen the physical body. His practice wasn't consistent and stopped less than a year later. It wasn't until a few years into college when he returned to the practice after personal trauma and realized the true breadth and depth of yoga. Reflecting on his own journey thus far in life, he was inspired to share a piece of the practice with other people and completed his teacher training in 2019 through Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. He is a graduate of College of Charleston with degrees in meteorology and physics, and finds yoga a nice complement to the empirical framework of atmospheric science.

Laura :


Laura studied dance under Carl Crosby leading up to her accepting a ballet scholarship to Columbia College. She’s elated to return to her first love (dance) and recently earned her Barre Where You Are instructor certification. She also holds certifications in Ballet Fundamentals and Ballet Barre.⠀

Beth Pilcher :

Beth Pilcher

Beth attended her first yoga class in 2008, hoping to improve her strength and flexibility. After only a few classes, she quickly became drawn to the deeper side of the practice. She began to recognize that yoga was about more than just physical fitness, and that the combination of meditation and embodied movement could be powerful tools for healing & growth.  Yoga became a lifeline that helped keep her grounded as she finished graduate school and went through several life transitions, and she eventually felt drawn to share this practice with others.  Beth began teaching children’s yoga with Empowered Minds in 2018, and in 2019 she completed her 200hr certification through Mission Yoga in Charleston. When not teaching yoga, Beth works as a therapist specializing in treating anxiety, body image, and eating disorders.  She truly believes in the therapeutic benefits of this practice, and is passionate about helping make yoga classes feel safe and welcoming to people of all different backgrounds, body sizes, and physical fitness levels. She strives to create sequences that are equally fun, challenging, and accessible to all students.

Teresa Davis Bulford : Instructor

Teresa Davis Bulford


Teresa Davis Bulford found her way to the mat after almost 20 years of practicing law. She was a very busy trial attorney and after many years of living a highly stressful life, she became very ill. The physical illness forced her to spend many years in bed and this took a tremendous toll on her mental wellness. Teresa almost lost all hope that her body would ever heal. She began seeking out other resources to help her body heal and she discovered meditation. Teresa’s dedication to meditation lead her to yoga and it literally saved her life! Initially her practice was very gentle as she was so weak from battling illness for so long. Then, the true power of yoga completely transformed her mind, body and soul. She decided to enroll in teacher training in 2015 to deepen her practice. The experience of teacher training opened her heart and her mind. Teresa became passionate about sharing the lovely gift of yoga with as many people as possible. After graduating from 200 RYT teacher training in 2015 she immediately began teaching.Teresa believes that her yoga practice is a daily reminder to go within to find silence and connect with her inner guide, to trust in her body and find strength through struggle and to recognize that through the beautiful practice of yoga, every person can return to love no matter what chaos is happening in the world. Yoga has created a sense of calm and ease in her life and has taught her to love herself just the way she is. Teresa believes that anyone can practice yoga, no matter age or fitness level. She teaches yoga to share this powerful practice with as many as she can to show that it can not only transform your physical body but it can also transform your life!

Lika Elwood : Instructor

Lika Elwood


Lika’s dream came true when she completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2010 in Washington DC, becoming a full-time yoga teacher. Initially Lika ( E-RYT 200) was drawn to yoga as a way to maintain her flexibility and strength but was intimidated by yoga's spiritual and scholastic side which she did not find in previous experiences with ballet and modern dance. After a short time however she discovered the power of yoga as a path to a more balanced, compassionate, meaningful and happy life.

Lika teaches well-sequenced yoga classes and workshops focused on creating a comfortable, non-competitive and SAFE space where students can explore their practice while challenging themselves regardless of their background and level of their practice. She incorporates guided meditation, pranayama and aromatherapy in her classes, always encouraging her students to find one breath at the time and be their own teachers by taking what serves them and leaving what does not.

Over the years, Lika completed countless additional trainings and workshops in different styles of yoga, including Vinyasa Flow, Prana Flow, Ashtanga, Rocket Yoga, Jivamukti, Kids yoga, Aerial yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation and Restorative yoga. She has studied under the guidance of well known teachers such as David Williams, David Swenson, Shiva Rea, David Kyle, Tara Brach, Christina Sell and others. Lika continues to evolve as she sees herself in the position of student and a practitioner first and only then a teacher.

Carin Boone : Instructor

Carin Boone


Carin is a 200-hr RYT through Sakhi Yoga Teacher Training in Columbia, SC. After practicing for nearly a decade, Carin decided that her passion for yoga went beyond a personal practice. She wants to help others transform their lives through the cultivation of the witness consciousness, and by controlling the breath and body in order to help still the mind. Her training follows the Sri Vidya tradition of yoga, which includes much more than just the asanas performed in a regular yoga class. If you're looking for a workout that provides not only a challenge for your body, but a chance to examine your mind and spirit as well, give this class a try! You'll experience flowing postures, some long holds, and a sense of balance in every class session, as well as feeling refreshed and renewed to continue your day.

Tanya Cohn : Instructor

Tanya Cohn


Tanya Cohn, a mother of nine, a lifelong dancer, choreographer and master teacher, founded her own studio, Trinity Arts Center, after nearly twenty-five years of dance instruction and performance.

Her resume includes training with some of the most respected dance programs, Chicago City Ballet, Kansas City Ballet, Joffrey New York, Finnish National Ballet and instructors, Maria Tallchief, Allegra Kent, Melissa Hayden, Homer Bryant and Joel Hall, in the US and abroad. Tanya’s professional dance career has included a diverse range of experiences including professional ballet, professional jazz companies, commercial productions, master classes, modeling, pageants, fitness programs, educational and inspirational speaking on body image, eating disorders, and faith. Her professional dance career spanned the United States, Scandinavia and Asia. All of this culminated in the formation of her own school and company from 2006-2017 in the beautiful  mountains of Johnson City, Tennessee. During that time she helped to grow the community of dancers, musicians and actors to more than seven-hundred students and thirty-five instructors. She established her own curriculum, created and choreographed original contemporary dance productions, classical ballets (The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Peter and The Wolf, Le Corsaire), and Broadway-style musical theatre productions (Annie, The Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof, The Music Man) while teaching and running her school. Then it was time to follow her heart to the ocean waters. She now resides in Charleston SC where she is exploring the benefits of yoga.

KristÍn Cotton : Instructor

KristÍn Cotton


Kristín comes to the Lowcountry from NYC where she was the lead singer of the band Audio Fiction, as well as hot yoga instructor. She found yoga quieted the chatter in her mind and helped her find peace amongst the crazy rock and roll life of NYC As her practice developed, she found it cleared her mind of distractions, gave her the ability to focus on her craft and unleash her spirit. In 2008 Kristín started practicing Hot Yoga and soon after felt inspired to teach and share this amazing feeling she found in her yoga practice. In 2010 she became certified to teach by Jimmy Barkan. www.thebarkanmethod.com. In 2012 and 2015 she went back to Jimmy for her Level II and III Hot Vinyasa Certification and is on her way to her RTY with The Barkan Method.. Since moving to SC, her practice has helped her adjust to her new community and lifestyle away from the Big Apple. By day she is in event planning and sales at Embassy Suites and Convention Center, but mostly she is excited to bring The Barkan Method and her love of Yoga to the Lowcountry! Her classes are geared to the individual students-mixing many genres of music and postures for each class.

"Never before have I experienced such a feeling of personal satisfaction and pride. Whether you are an artist, in business, an educator, in the military, a parent or whatever your path may be, yoga can help you find focus and positive energy allowing your best self and your greatest dreams to come true. My yoga practice has changed my life."

Kara Hymas :

Kara Hymas

Kara first discovered yoga when she was living in Albuquerque, NM. She attended classes through her gym membership but stopped when her pregnancy with her third child became complicated. Life circumstances brought Kara back to her home town of Summerville in 2012 where she rediscovered yoga. She was looking for ways to take care of herself and found that yoga was what she needed physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially. She found community. It became her dream to become a yoga teacher and share with others what she found in yoga. That dream was realized in June 2019 when she completed her 200 hr yoga teacher training through Holy Cow Yoga Center. Kara brings a down-to-earth approach to her yoga practice in finding balance, alignment, and mindfulness in the body, the mind, and the world around. When she's not doing yoga, you can find her taking care of her three kids, following her other passion: sewing, and reading as many books as she can get her hands on.


Jess Oliver : Instructor

Jess Oliver


Jess is an E-RYT 200 Yogini, Nurse & Artist who believes that health & happiness is a life long journey. She finds joy sharing yoga as a teacher knowing that we are all on this journey together. Jess was introduced to yoga back in 1998 while living on Folly Beach, and quickly discovered that yoga helped her find peace while dealing with anxiety. It was at this time that she discovered yoga’s transformative power of the mind body connection, healing & personal growth. This sparked a fire for Jess, which inspired her studies in Health Promotion, Nursing, Art & Teaching Yoga. Yoga has helped Jess find balance in life, love, relationships, nursing & creative explorations. Inspired by holistic health & wellness, she hopes to assist students in growing their own yoga practice as part of their lives on and off of the mat. Jess’s teaching style focuses on intertwining her loves of yoga, wellness, music & creativity. She enjoys teaching students mindful awareness through breath work while strengthening the body & exploring ease in the mind. Since completing her 200 hour training at Holy Cow Yoga Center in 2008 Jess has gratefully taught locally & has enjoyed the journey on so many levels. She is presently pursuing her 500 hour certification with a focus on the healing & therapeutic benefits of yoga.

Carol Ross : Instructor

Carol Ross


Carol has been "practicing" yoga since 1998 when she discovered a yoga mat and dvd on sale in a funky store in San Francisco and had no idea what yoga even was!  A love affair was born and, since then, yoga has become a very meaningful part of her life and she loves to share her passion for yoga with others.  Her nursing background has laid a firm foundation in wellness and prevention and she encourages people to take care of their beautiful bodies and honor themselves.  Every day is a new beginning and a blessing. . . Carol is thankful that yoga helps to integrate the mind, body and spirit and believes that yoga is for all people of all ages, of all shapes and sizes.

Liza Wilson : Instructor

Liza Wilson


Liza is a certified kids yoga teacher who completed her training through the Charleston based company, Kids Yogaverse (kidsyogaverse). Before becoming a mom, she received her Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and taught first grade for four years. After her first daughter was born, Liza began working part-time as a behavior specialist, doing ABA therapy with children with autism. Liza’s sister who is a yoga instructor in NC introduced her to yoga after her second daughter was born. Liza immediately knew she wanted to combine her new love of yoga and her passion for working with children. She loves seeing the excitement and joy yoga can bring to kids, as well as the calming peace they can attain through the postures and breathwork.

Mandy Wozniak : Instructor

Mandy Wozniak


Mandy has been teaching yoga in the Charleston area since 2002 after falling in love with the downward facing dog. When not doing yoga, you can find her toting around one or more of her 4 kids, reading, sleeping or eating. Come join her for a fun, funky, light-hearted and playful exploration on the mat.

Yoga training being an on-going pursuit, Mandy has taken 200 hrs at Holy Cow Yoga Studio followed by 4 years of intense Anusara Yoga training, Thai Yoga Bodywork, and Ayurveda . With over 1000 hours in training, she still swears the best instruction and inspiration comes from nature, art and listening to the teacher within.

Mandy is available for private yoga sessions and Thai Yoga Bodywork.
You can also follow along with her here:

Blog: Yoga Addicted
Instagram: yoga_addicted
Website: amritabodywork.com

Vanessa Stewart : Front Desk

Vanessa Stewart

Front Desk

Jenn Yneista : Instructor

Jenn Yneista


Jenn started her journey in the health and fitness industry in the early 90s. As she fell in love with all aspects of weight training, Jenn decided to take it one step further and become certified in Les Mills Body pump, Les Mills GRIT, and a Johnnie G spin instructor where she taught classes at several local gyms. Jenn’s passion continued to grow and she soon realized how important it is to incorporate yoga into her daily routine. Yoga has made her realize how to become aware of the body and to love the skin she is in. After several years of practicing yoga, she decided it was time to become certified and share her message of loving the body to create balance in all aspects of life.
Jenn lives in Summerville, with her son Drew. You can find her at the baseball field watching her son play, when she is not working out or practicing yoga.