Happy Hour Core w/ Anne Marie October 4th @6pm
Join Anne Marie for our NEW ‘First Friday’s’ at Yoga Den
Each month we will host a special class the first Friday to help you unwind from the week. Stay tuned for next month! 
6:00pm Normal rates apply. 



Join us in welcoming back Desiree Rumbaugh to Yoga Den. With over thirty years of experience she has much to offer students and teachers of all ages and all levels. Desiree has earned certifications in Iyengar and Anusara Yoga. Now she includes the gems she has learned from physical therapists and functional movement trainers. One way to describe her teaching is “structural integration meets yoga”. Working with so many different bodies all over the world in intimate settings such as ours has given her deeper insight into offering instruction that empowers the student to make real change in their practice. On a weekend such as this, people experience a range of breakthroughs and aha moments. Relief from back, shoulder, neck, and knee pain is found. Keys to better and more efficient posture is felt. You need to experience it for yourself to understand how much more you could be gaining from your yoga practice. For more information please visit
In this workshop you will:* learn exactly what it is that you need to know about your unique body*gain deeper understanding of subtle changes you can make that over time will lead to improved health and well being*take away solid practices that are tailored to your specific needs that will give you a feeling of more energy and more awareness in your mind and body 
Saturday 10:30-1 poses for the lower body—HipsSaturday 2:30-5 poses for the upper body—BackSunday 9:30-12 poses for the lower body—LegsSunday 1:30-4 poses for the upper body—Neck and Shoulders 
If you cannot make all four sessions, at least try to make one for the lower body and one for the upper body so you get a more well-rounded feeling for the work. We are bringing Desiree to Charleston to work with YOU and we guarantee that you will learn something valuable that will help your practice on and off the mat.